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2014/05/07 - 20:30

2014/05/09 - 20:30

2014/05/10 - 07:30

Overture Concert Organ Season, the Madison Youth Choirs with Samuel Hutchinson, organ

Overture Hall, Madison, Wisconsin

To conclude the Choir and organ concert at Overture Hall, Madison, Wisconsin, given by The Madison Youth Choir and Samuel Hutchinson, organ, dedicated to works by Bach, Vierne, Poulenc, Howells and Rutter, organist Samuel Hutchinson plays,solo, two excerpts of Jean LANGLAIS' "Suite Brève" : n°II : Cantilène, and IV : Dialogue sur les Mixtures.

2014/05/11 - 16:00

2014/05/11 - 17:00

2e Printemps des Orgues de Mantes en Yvelines, Chamber Choir "Nocturnal", direction Sylvie Colas, Jean-Baptiste Monnot, organ

Church Saint Béat, Epône (France)

Chamber Choir "Nocturnal", directed by Sylvie Colas, sings Messiaen, Alain, and Jean LANGLAIS "Miserere Mei" (Deux Déplorations)

2014/05/13 - 20:30

Duo piano and organ, Bertrand Chamayou, piano, Maude Gratton, orgue

Saint Loup sur Thouet, church Notre-Dame

Bertrand Chamayou, piano, and Maude Gratton, organ play separately works buy Alain, Messiaen, Tournemire, and, together, Thierry Escaich's "Choral's dream" and Jean LANGLAIS "Diptytque" for piano and organ.

2014/05/18 - 15:00

Concert at St. Paul, Choir of St. Paul's, dir. John Robinson, Jonathan Wessler, organ.

The Church of St. Paul, Cambridge, Mass.(USA)

The Choir of St. Paul's, dir. John Robinson, Jonathan Wessler, organ, sings Jean LANGLAIS' "Messe Solennelle".

2014/05/18 - 20:30

String orchestra and organ, Orchestre de chambre de Reims, dit. Arthur Dubois, Brino Mathieu organe.

Church St Nicaise, Reims (France)

Bruno Mathieu, organist, plays the organ part in Jean LANGLAIS "Piece in free form" for strings and organ with the Champagne-Ardenne Chamber Orchestra directed by Arthur Dubois, along with Jean LANGLAIS "Storm in Florida" (American Suite) for organ solo. They also play works by Haëndel, Fauré and Bartok.

2014/05/23 - 20:30

Strings and organ concert : Reims Chamber Orchestra, dir. Arthur Dubois and Bruno Mathieu, organ.

Church St Justin, Levallois (France)

Bruno Mathieu is the soloist of Jean LANGLAIS' "Piece in free form" for strings and organ, the Champagne-Ardenne Chamber Orchestra being directed by Arthur Dubois. Bruno Mathieu plays also, solo, Jean Langlais' "Storm in Florida" (American Suite), together with works by Haendel, Fauré, Bartok for orchestra.

2014/05/24 - 20:00

2014/05/25 - 17:30

2014/05/29 - 20:00

"L'Orgue, Apollon et ses muses, Richard Paré, organ

Palais Montcalm, Québec (Canada)

Organist Richard Paré plays works by Alain (Litanies), Poulenc (organ concerto) and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Fête".

2014/05/31 - 14:00

Organ recital Damian Howard

St Peter's Cathedral, Lancaster (UK)

Damian Howard plays works by Bédard, Bonnet, Fjellstad, Tournemire and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Scherzo-cats"/Intermezzo" (American Suite/3rd Symphony)