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2017/05/07 - 14:30

"Grand Organ Master Series", organ recital by Johann Vexo, with Damien Rivière, ténor

St Andrews, Brighton (GB)

In a rich program with gregorian chants alternation sung by tenor Damien Rivière, Johann Vexo plays organ works by de Grigny, Bach, Escaich, Alain, Duruflé, and by Jean LANGLAIS, the "Cantilène" (Suite Brève) and the "Te Deum" (3 Paraphrases grégoriennes).

2017/05/07 - 15:00

"Brown Memorial Series", organ recital by James-David Christie (USA)

Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, MD (USA)

James-David Christie plays organ works by Ropartz, Barié, Duparc, Albert and Jehan Alain, Tournemire, Martinson and, by Jean LANGLAIS, Incantation pour un Jour Saint and "Acclamations carolingiennes" (Suite Médiévale). James David Christie plays also his own "Elégie", in memoriam Jean Langlais.

2017/05/11 - 16:00

Organ Recital by Kenneth Danchik (USA)

Saint Paul Cathedral, Pittsburgh PA (USA)

On the Beckerath Organ (4/97, 1962) of Pittsburgh's Saint Paul Cathedral, titular organist Kenneth Danchik plays works by Bach, Marchand, Franck, Roberts, Duruflé, and by Jean LANGLAIS, "Boys Town, place of peace", "Scherzo-Cats" et "Big Texas" (American Suite).

2017/05/14 - 11:00

"Baccalaureate 2017", The Baccalaureate Service

Wait Chapel, Wake Forest University, NC (USA) Donald L. Ermitage, orgue

For the Prelude to the service, Donald L. Ermitage, the University organist, plays Bach and the Jean LANGLAIS' "Te Deum" (Trois Paraphrases grégoriennes).

2017/05/14 - 15:30

Organ concert, Children Hospiz, Marius Popp (Germany)

Kinderhospiz St Nikolaus, Bad Grönenbach (Allemagne)

Marius Popp (Allemagne) plays organ works by C.Schumann, F.Hense, Fletcher, Hakim, Ravel, and by Jean LANGLAIS, Trois Paraphrases Grégoriennes ("Ave Maria, Ave Maris stella", "Mors et résurrectio", "Te Deum").

2017/05/18 - 12:30

Perth Festival of the Arts 2017, "Lunchtime Concerts", Mark Splading, organ, Haworth Hodgkinson, gongs.

St John's Kirk, Perth (Australia)

The Perth Festival of the Arts 2017 ("Lunchtime Concerts") present Mark Spaulding, organ, and Haworth Hodgkinson, performing works by Pert, Mc Guire, Thalben-Ball, Stevenson, Searle, Alain, Stockhausen, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, the Deuxième Symphonie "alla Webern" (Prélude- Lude- Interlude- Postlude) and "Prière des Mages", for organ.

This program will be presented with the same artists and in the same place at the same time (12:30) on May 19, 22, 23, 24, 2017.

2017/05/18 - 20:00

"Geburtstagskinder", organ recital by Wolfgang Kreuzhuber (Austria)

Mariendom, Linz (Austria)

Special "Birthdays anniversary" concert : organist Wofgang Kreuzhuber plays organ works by Guilmant, Bovet, Karg-Elert, Bovet, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, Incantation pour un Jour Saint and "Chant de paix" (Neuf Pièces).

2017/05/19 - 19:00

Festival "Komm Bach", concert "Jeunes talents du CRR de Paris"

Church Saint-André de l'Europe, Paris (France)

The "Young talents of the CRR de Paris" play and sing works by Bach, Fauré, Duruflé, Alain, Dupré, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Salve Regina" (Trois Oraisons pour flûte,voix et orgue, 1), the "Mouvement pour flûte et orgue, two from 5 Motets (Chant litanie, O Bone Jesu) and "Regina Caeli" for equal voices and organ. La Maîtrise intermédiaire du CRR de Paris, accompanied by Sylvie Mallet, is directed by Edwige Parat, and Ansel Gross, organ scholar in the class of Sylvie Mallet, is the organist accompanying the 2 other Langlais'works.

2017/05/20 - 16:00

Concert for Soprano and Organ featuring Sandra Debby Gracia de Lima, soprano, Anton Dornheim, organ

Citykerk Het Steiger, Rotterdam (Holland)

In their recital, Sandra Debby Gracia de Lima, soprano, and Anton Dornheim, organ, perform Jean LANGLAIS's Trois Prières and "Agnus Dei" from his Missa in Simplicitate.

2017/05/21 - 16:00

Oragn recital by Kathleen Emerson (USA)

West Parish, West Barnstable, Mass. (USA)

Katelyn Emerson plays organ works by Bach, Sweelinck, Rheinberger, Bairstow, Muffat, Franck, Widor, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Thème et variations" (Hommage à Frescobaldi)

2017/05/27 - 15:00

Organ recital by Gereon Krahforst (Germany)

Church St Georges, Eisenach (Germany)

In Bach's Baptism Church, Gereon Krahforst (Germany) plays a program including excerpts of Jean LANGLAIS's Livre Oecuménique.

2017/05/31 - 16:00

"Ensemble for Contemporary Music (ECM),directed by Jeremy Haladyna

Lotte Lehmann Hall, Santa Barbara Department of Music, CA (USA)

Works by Murail, Gubaidulina, Erb, Gorecki, Kurtag, Mc Millan, Françaix, Perry, and Jean LANGLAIS' "Final" (Pièce pour trompette et orgue).