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Splendeurs du Credo

Emmanuel Bellanger

Beautiful Art Book dedicated to the Creed, this publication includes pictures, sacred texts and recordings. One chapter is dedicated to the words of the creed "Et nam, sanctum, catholic ecclesiam" and the musical work selected to illustrate this phrase is Jean LANGLAIS "Credo" from his "Missa Misericordiae Domini" sung by the Jean Sourisse Vocal Ensemble, with Vincent Warnier, organ (Syrius SYR 14 1327, France).

in French.

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Guide de la Musique d'Orgue, new edition, chapter Jean Langlais by Xavier Darasse and François Sabatier

Publication directed by Gilles Cantagrel, 1062 pages, chapter Jean Langlais pp.600-609, 2012.

New edition of the " Guide de la Musique d'orgue" first published in 1991 and out of work now. Extended to new composers and re-written, this guide includes Jean LANGLAIS with a new text by François Sabatier (9 pages).

in French

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Hermann J. Busch : Zur Französischen Orgelmusik des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts, ein Handbuch, band 4.

A Bio-bibliographical Index of 19. and 20th of French Organ Music written under the direction of Hermann J.Busch; 369 pages, ed. Butz, Bonn (Germany), 2011

A long chapter is dedicated to Jean Langlais (pp.217-243)

in German.

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Hommage à Langlais

Editor: Marilyn Mason, The University of Michigan School of Music, 143 pages, 1996

At the occasion of the University of Michigan School ofMusic's 36th Annual Conference on Organ Music, entitled "Hommage à Langlais," this book was written on Jean LANGLAIS, with the participation of Marilyn Mason, Marie-Louise Langlais, Janice Beck, Jan Overduin, Catharine Crozier, Robert Sutherland Lord, Fred Tulan, Marguerite Long Thal, Ann Labounsky.

Marie-Louise Jaquet-Langlais : Ombre et Lumière, Jean Langlais 1907-1991

Editions COMBRE, Paris, 437 pages, in french, 1995

Life and Works of Jean Langlais

437 pages : biography, analysis, pictures, catalog, discography, bibliography

in French

Special Prize from the Institut de France, 1999

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Guide de la Musique d'Orgue, "Les Indispensables de la Musique": Jean Langlais by Xavier Darasse

Guide published by Editions Fayard, Paris, under Gilles Cantagrel direction, 840 pages, 1991

Chapter on Jean Langlais, pp.494-497

in French

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Kathleen Thomerson : Jean Langlais, a Bio-Bibliography

Greenwood Press, New-York, 191 pages (Bio-Bibliographies in Music, number 10), 1988

191 pages - Biography, two interviews (with Jean and Marie-Louise Langlais), catalog, discography, bibliography, index.

in English.

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Michael Murray : French Masters of the Organ - Saint-Saëns, Franck, Widor, Vierne, Dupré, Langlais, Messiaen

Yale University Press (USA), 245 pages,1988

This book offers to lovers of French organ music details of these composers' lives and times and of their styles and techniques. Michael Murray, who knew personnaly Langlais, writes a special chapter on him, 24 pages long (chapter 7).

in English.

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Marie-Louise Jaquet: Jean LANGLAIS, un Indépendant. Essai sur son oeuvre d'orgue.

Cahiers et Mémoires de l'Orgue, numéros spéciaux de la revue L'Orgue, Paris, n°144bis, 179 pages,1972.

Publication of Marie-Louise Jaquet's Master in Musicology, this essay analyses Jean Langlais' organ works unto 1972.

in French

Armand Machabey : Portrait de trente musiciens français

Edition Richard-Masse, Paris, 169 pages, definitiely out of print.

Chapter on Jean Langlais, pp.109-113

in French.