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Suite Médiévale: A Guide for Interpretation and Performance

Undergraduate Research Honors, Illinois Wesleyan University, USA, 2020

Andrew Johnson

40 pages, unpublished

In English

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Other publications (selection)

Sara van Liew Boettner : Fingers of Light, the use of Breton folk themes in the organ works of Jean Langlais

Doctoral dissertation, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, avril 1999.

70 pages,musical examples, illustrations, bibliography.

in English.

Marie-Louise Jaquet-Langlais : Jean Langlais (1907-1991), La Vie et L'Oeuvre

PHD in Musicology, University Paris IV-Sorbonne, 983 pages in 3 volumes, 1992, in French

983 pages in 3 volumes : Life -Works - Index with catalogue, bibliography, discography, musical examples and illustrations.

in French.

Ann Labounsky Steele: Jean Langlais: The Man and His Music (1929-1962)

Phd, University of Pittsburgh, Penn.(USA), 1991.

Ann Labounsky Steele

285 pages, musical examples, biography, bibliography, catalog.

in English.

Jane Redd : Untersuchungen zu deutschen und amerikanischen Kirchenliedern in den Orgelwerken von Jean Langlais

Philipps-Univertät Marburg/Lahn Master research, Germany, 1990

88 pages. Biography - Langlais and the USA - Langlais and Germany - german chorals - American hymn tunes - Indexs, musical examples, bibliography

in German.

Sabine Vermeersch : Het Gregoriaans in het orgeloeuvre van Jean Langlais

Travail universitaire pour l'obtention du grade de laurét du Lemmensinstitut, Belgique, 1987.

129 pages. Illustrations, musical examples, catalogue

in Flemish.

Jean-Louis Signoret, Philippe van Eeckhout : Aphasia without amusia in a blind organist,

Medical Research, published in Revue Neurologique, Paris, 1987, vol.143, issue 3, pp.172-181.

J.L.Signoret, Ph.Van Eeckhout, M.Poncet, P.Castaigne

Description by his therapeuts, of Jean Langlais special neurological desease after a brain stroke in July 1984, involving the territory of the left middle cerebral artery involving the temporal and the inferior parietal lobes.

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both in French and in English.

Janet Berggren Krellwitz : The use of Gregorian chant in the organ works of Jean Langlais : Analysis and recital

Dissertation , Columbia University Teachers College, USA, 1981

100 pages. Rythmic and modal study of Langlais techniques used in 16 of his organ works

in English.

Stefan Kunz : Die Orgelmusik von Jean Langlais(*1907)

Saarebrück, University, Germany, 1980.

131 pages. Illustrations, musical exemples; bibliography.

General study of Jean Langlais organ works (harmony- polyphony - rythm - melody - tempi - registration - form)

in German.

Margaret Victoria Norman : Historic techniques in selected organ works of Jean Langlais

Master dissertation (MA), Université de Bloomington, Indiana, USA, 1976,

125 pages.Composition techniques used by Jean Langlais for l'"Offrande à Marie" (1971) with musical examples and renewal of the interest for Gregorian Chant.

in English.

Marie-Louise Jaquet : Jean Langlais, un indépendant; Essai sur son oeuvre d'orgue,

Master rin Musicology, Paris-Sorbonne, 1969, published in "Cahiers et Mémoires de l'Orgue", numéro spécial de la revue "L'Orgue", 1972.

Study on chronology,repertoire, writing, rythm, themes, registration in Jean Langlais organ works with illustrations, musical examples, bibliography.

Irst impression : L'orgue, Cahiers et Mémoires n°144bis (1972)

2nd impression in 1987 under the name Marie-Louise Jaquet-Langlais, some pictures, lost, replaced by others

in French.

Doreen Barbara Kurr : The Organ Works of Jean Langlais

DMA dissertation, University of Washington, USA, 1971

235 pages. Study of the work.

in English.

Roger Thomas Nyquist : The use of Gregorian chant in the organ music of Jean Langlais

DMA dissertation, University of Indiana, Bloomington, USA, 1968

55 pages.Jean Langlais use of gregorian chant in his organ works unto 1966.

in English.

Patrick Giraud : Le Thème Grégorien dans les oeuvres pour orgue de Jean Langlais

Paris Gregorian Institute and Fribourg University master, july 1964.

76 pages. Study of Gregorian themes - melodic transcription - form - modality - themes repertory - musical examples - bibliography.

in French.

Melwin West : The Organ Works of Jean Langlais

DMA dissertation, Boston University, USA, 1959.

259 pages. First doctoral dissertation on Jean Langlais - Biography- study of organ works unto "Huit Pièces Modales" (1955) - influences - musical language - musical examples- bibliography.

in English.