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2011/05/06 - 20:30

2011/05/08 - 10:00

Messe Radiodiffusée sur France-Culture, "Hommage à Jean Langlais", Maîtrise de Ste Marie d'Antony, dir. Georges Bessonnet

Chapelle des Marianistes, Antony, France

To pay homage to Jean Langlais, for his 20th anniversary of the death, on May 8, 1991, the "Maîtrise de Sainte-Marie d'Antony", conducted by Georges Bessonnet, will sing Jean LANGLAIS "Missa Misericordiae Domini" (Kyrie- Gloria - Sanctus - Benedictus - Agnus Dei") for 3 voices and organ,and his "Libera me, Domine" during the brodcasted sunday mass on France-Culture, one of the Radio-France channels.

2011/05/08 - 10:30

2011/05/08 - 10:30

2011/05/08 - 11:00

2011/05/08 - 11:15

2011/05/08 - 16:00

Concert-Homage to Jean Langlais celebrating the 20th anniversary of his death, Marie-Louise Langlais, Sylvie Mallet and their organ class classe of the Paris CRR

Eglise Saint-Roch, Paris

To celebrate Jean Langlais's 20th anniversary of the death (on May 8, 1991), Marie-Louise Langlais, Sylvie Mallet and their organ classes at the Paris CRR will play, on the 4 manuals famous Clicquot-Cavaillé-Coll organ at Saint-Roch church in Paris an organ recital including works for 2 organists by Hesse, Merkel, and Jean Langlais (Fantaisie pour 2 organistes, Chant Héroïque and Chant de paix from "9 Pièces", Nazard from "Suite française", Grands Jeux - Plainte from "Suite Brève").

Entrance free

2011/05/08 - 16:30

2011/05/08 - 18:00

"Blind Passion for God",The Choir of All Saints' Church, Girls and Men Choir, dir.of Music : Lee Dunleavy

All Saints' Church,Northampton (GB)

"Blind Passion for God", a concert commemorating the exact date of twentieth anniversary of the death of the blind organist and composer Jean LANGLAIS presenting The Choir of All Saints'Church, girls and men choir, in the Jean Langlais following works: "Messe Solennelle" for 4 mixed voices and organ, "Missa Dona nobis pacem" for unison choirs and organ and, for organ solo, "Mors et Resurrectio" and "Three Characteristic Pieces" (Pastoral-Prelude - Interlude - Bells). Choir Director : Lee Dunleavy

2011/05/08 - 18:00

Sunday Mass, Hervé Duteil, organ

Saint Ignace de Loyola Church, New-York city

Hervé Duteil, french organist residing in New-York city, celebrated Jean LANGALAIS 20th anniversary of the death, playing during a sunday mass at St Ignatius Loyola Church Jean Langlais "Chant de paix" and "Chant Héroïque" (Neuf Pièces)as Prelude and Postlude.

2011/05/09 - 00:00

Pipedreams Program n°1119, Michael Barone, American Public Media Programs

Minneapolis, Minnesota - http://pipedreams.publicradio.org/listings/2011/1119

. Celebrating 20th anniversary of the death of Jean LANGLAIS, Michael Barone presents, in "Pipedreams" n°1119, a special Jean Langlais program, featuring Langlais himself at Sainte-Clotilde or Notre-Dame organs, and Marie-Louise Langlais alone at the Luzern Hofkirche organ and with orchestra in Minneapolis, Minn. and London (GB)

Program :

. "Te Deum", "La Nativité", Jean-Langlais at Ste-Clotilde, Paris, France, Solstice 01 (France)

"Noël breton", "Jésus mon sauveur béni", "Aux lys avec leurs feuilles argentées" (from Huit Chants de Bretagne), Jean Langlais at Paris Notre-Dame Cathedral, Solstice 165 (France)

. Improvisation sur "Salve Regina", Jean Langlais à l'orgue de l'abbaye de Marienstatt, Motette 50821 (Allemagne)

. "Missa Salve Regina", "Tu es Petrus", "Salve Regina", "O salutaris", "Choral Médiéval", choirs, brasses and organs directed by Teri Larson, Marie-Louise Langlais and Christina Harmon, organs, St Mary Basilica, Minneapolis (recorded on 10/29/2003), Pipedreams Archives

. "La cinquième trompette" (5 Méditations sur l'Apocalypse), Marie-Louis Langlais, orgue Kuhn Hofkirche, Luzern, Festivo 6961962 (Pays-Bas)

. "Thème, Variations et Final, organ and orchestra, Marie-Louise Langlais,organ, London pro Arte Orchestra, dir. Murray Stewart,Koch International 1529 (Allemagne)

Available permanently by may 10 on this website: http://pipedreams.publicradio.org/listings/2011/1119/

2011/05/15 - 16:00

Trumpet and organ recital, with Alain Chérel, trumpet, and Isabelle Fontaine, organ

Cathédrale de Soissons, France

For this special concert at the Soissons Cathedral, there will be a diaporama with views of Lourdes pilgrimages. The trumpet and organ duo will play works by Heandel, Lully, Bach, Telemann, and Isabelle Fontaine, titular organist of the Cathedral, will play alone Jean LANGLAIS "Trois Paraphrases Gregoriennes" (Mors et Resurrectio, Ave Maria, ave maris stella, Te Deum) in honour of Jean Langlais' 20th anniversary of the death.

2011/05/18 - 00:00

A French Bouquet : 19th and 20th century music from Paris, The Dalton Chorale, dir. David Shuler, Bernadette Hoke, organ

Brick Presbyterian Church, New-York City

The Dalton Chorale sings works by Vierne, Fauré, Debussy, Franck and "Messe Solennelle" by Jean LANGLAIS in a program titled "a French bouquet", under the direction of David Shuler, with Bernadette Hoke, organ.

2011/05/21 - 20:30

2011/05/21 - 20:30

2011/05/22 - 16:45

Sunday Organ Recital, Charles Cole, organist

Westminster Cathedral, London (GB)

Charles Cole plays Louis Vierne, Olivier Latry and Jean LANGLAIS ("Rosa Mystica" from Triptyque Grégorien)in his recital at Westminster Cathedral Sunday Organ Series, to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the death of Jean Langlais.

2011/05/29 - 16:30

2011/05/29 - 17:00