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2016/05/07 - 17:00

2016/05/07 - 18:30

Vigil Mass, Damian Howard (UK) organ

Cathédrale St Peter, Lancaster (UK)

For the Vigil Mass, the organist of the Cathedral, Damian Howard, pays homage to Jean LANGLAIS for the 25th anniversary of his death, playing "Prélude modal" and "Prière" (Vingt-Quatre Pièces pour harmonium ou orgue.)

2016/05/07 - 20:00

"Ottawa Bach Choir" conducted by Lisette Canton, Matthew Larkin, organ

Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa (Canada)

French Choral Music at Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa, Canada, with the "Ottawa Bach Choir" conducted by Lisette Canton,and Matthew Larkin, organ, in works by Marc-A,ntoine Charpentier, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, " Messe Solennelle."

2016/05/08 - 10:30

Sunday Morning Mass, Damian Howard (UK)

St. Peter's Cathedral, Lancaster, UK.

In memory of Jean LANGLAIS, and for the 25th anniversary of his death, Damian Howard plays at the Sunday morning Mass "Fughette" (24 Pieces), "Chant de paix" and "Chant de Joie"(Neuf Pièces).

2016/05/08 - 11:00

Morning worship, "Homage to Jean Langlais," Patricia Wright, organ

Metropolitan United Church, Toronto (Canada)

Patricia Wright pays homage to Jean LANGLAIS for the 25th anniversary of his death and plays, during the Sunday morning worship "Pasticcio" (Organ Book) for the prelude, "There is a fountain" (American Folk-Hymn settings) and "Te Deum" (Trois Paraphrases grégoriennes) for the postlude.

2016/05/08 - 15:15

Organ recital by Monica Czausz

St Philip Cathedral, Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

Monica Czausz plays works by Messiaen, Howells, Muhly, Ireland, and "Fête" by Jean LANGLAIS.

2016/05/08 - 16:00

"Les Dimanches musicaux de La Madeleine", organ recital by Olivier Struillou.

Eglise de La Madeleine, Paris (France)

Olivier Strillou commemorates Langlais's death 25th Anniversary, with a program of works by Fleury, Litaize, Messiaen, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Cantique" (Fokloric Suite) and "Poem of Happiness."

2016/05/08 - 16:30

Vespers, Damian Howard (UK)

St.Peters's Cathedral, Lancaster (UK)

For Vespers, Damian Howard plays, in memory of Jean LANGLAIS for the 25th anniversary of his death, "Chant de peine" and "Choral orné" (24 Pièces) and "Dialogue sur les mixtures" (Suite brève).

2016/05/10 - 18:00

Concert-Homage to Jean Langlais, Sylvie Mallet's organ class

Regional Conservatory, Paris (France)

To celebrate Jean LANGLAIS's 25th anniversary of the death,, Sylvie Mallet, organ teacher at the Regional Paris' Conservatory organises, with her organ class a concert-homage with the following young participants: organists Raphaël Jacquin, Benoit Pépin, Agathe Anquetil, Yanis Saglio, Nicolas Stefanovic, Ansel Gross, Arzhêl Jego, Charlotte Forget, Roman Brunner, Amin Davenne, Ignace Rabotin and Nathan Cohen,

They play exclusively Langlais organ music, with the following works, extracts of different books: Prélude (Suite Médiévale), Récit de nasard (Suite Française), Pasticcio (Organ Book), Paraphrase sur le Salve Regina, Fantaisie, Prière, Pour une sainte de légende (24 Pièces), Chant Héroïque (9 Pièces), Thème et variations and Epilogue pour pédale solo (Hommage à Frescobaldi), La complainte de Pont Kalleg (Mosaïque 2), Deo gratias (13 Pièces), Kyrie Orbis factor (Livre Oecuménique), "Final"from the Double Fantaisie pour 2 organistes (Mosaïque 1).

2016/05/15 - 15:00

Bel a Cappella,conducted by Anthony Pasquill, David Drury, organ.

Christ Church St Laurence Anglican Church, Sydney (Australia)

The Choral Society "Bel a Cappella", conducted by Anthony Pasquill, and organist David Drury, sings works by Pärt, Poulenc, Taveler, Mc Millan, Sisack,and, by Jean LANGLAIS, the "Messe Solennelle".

2016/05/17 - 11:00

Organ recital by Marius Popp (Germany)

Christuskirche Kronach (Germany)

Marius Popp plays works by JS Bach and, honoring Jean LANGLAIS 25th anniversary of the death, some of his works: "Improvisation" and "Communion" (Suite Médiévale) and the"Te Deum.

2016/05/17 - 20:00

Organ recital Bruno Mathieu

Church Saint-Louis-des-Français, Rome (Italy)

Bruno Mathieu plays Louis Vierne 6ème Symphonie and jean LANGLAIS' Suite Médiévale (Prelude-Tiento-Elevation-Communion-Acclamations carolingiennes)

2016/05/21 - 12:00

"Noon concert", organ recital by Gereon Krahforst (Germany)

Maria Laach Abtei, Germany

Gereon Krahforst plays, between other pieces, Jean LANGLAIS'" Trois Méditations sur la Sainte Trinité (Le Père - Le Fils - La Sainte Trinité)"

2016/05/22 - 16:00

Organ recital by Bruno Mathieu

Church Saint-Justin, Levallois (France)

To pay homage to Jean LANGLAIS, Bruno Matthieu plays his Suite Médiévale (Prélude - Tiento - Elevation - Communion - Acclamations carolingiennes), coupled with Louis Vierne's 6th Symphony.

2016/05/28 - 12:00

Organ recital by Gereon Krahforst (Germany)

Abbaye de Maria Laach, Germany

Gereon Krahforst between other composers, Jean LANGLAIS's "Rosa Mystica" (Triptyque grégorien).

2016/05/29 - 16:30

Organ Recital by Enrico Presti (Italy)

Church St John the Baptist, London (GB)

Enrico Presti plays Jean LANGLAIS' "Fugue sur o Filii" (Folkloric Suite) in the course of his recital at St John the Baptist Church, London.

2016/05/31 - 21:00

Organ recital by Marius Popp (Germany)

St Markus, Coburg (Germany)

Marius Popp plays works by Bach, Handel, Lemmens, Fletcher, Powell,and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Improvisation" and "Communion" (Suite Médiévale.)