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2014/10/12 - 16:00

"Les Dimanches musicaux de la Madeleine", organ recital Didier Hennuyer

Eglise de la Madeleine, Paris (France)

Organist Didier Hennuyer plays works by Haendel, Guilmant, Bonnal, Dupré, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Voluntary n°2, Sainte Marie-Madeleine" (from Three Voluntaries).

2014/10/12 - 17:00

2014/10/12 - 17:30

"The Moseley Memorial Organ Recitals", recital by Joby Bell

St Thomas Episcopal Church, Houston, TX (USA)

Joby Bell plays works by Widor, Lesur and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Fête".

2014/10/24 - 20:00

"20th Century choral masterworks, Chamber Chorus directed by Sven Edwards Olbash

St Mark's Lutheran Church, San Francisco, Ca (USA)

After Summer masterclasses on 20th Century choral masterworks, "Chamber Chorus", directed by Sven Edwards Olbash sings wotks by Duruflé, Howells, and by Jean LANGLAIS, the "Mass in Ancient Style".

2014/10/25 - 20:00

20th Century choral masterworks, "Chamber Chorus" directed by Sven Edwards Olbash

St Luke's Episcopal Church, San Francisco, Ca (USA)

"Chamber Chorus" directed par Sven Edwards Olbash, interprets, a cappella, in a " 20th century choral masterworks" concert, works by Duruflé, Howells and Jean LANGLAIS' "Mass in Ancient Style".

2014/10/25 - 20:15

Organ Recital Kees Van Eersel

Groote of Niewe Kerke, Maasluis (The Netherlands)

Kees Van Eersel plays organ works by Cabanilles, Bach, Wesley, Reger, Guilmant, Alain, Gagnebin, and ends his recital with Jean LANGLAIS "Incantation pour un Jour Saint"

2014/10/26 - 15:00

Memorial Concert for Robert Sutherland Lord, with Steven Anisko, Robert Blevins and Douglas Himes, organ

Heinz Memorial Chapel, Pittsburg, Pa (USA)

To honour the memory of Robert Sutherland Lord, three of his proteges, Steve Anisko, Robert Blevins and Douglas Himes, play organ works by Franck, Tournemire and Langlais, the "Sainte-Clotilde Tradition" as Dr. Lord invented the concept to call these three organists of the prestigious Basilica of Sainte-Clotilde in Paris, France. Douglas Himes interprets, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Stèle pour Gabriel Fauré" (Mosaïque 1), dedicated by Langlais to him, "Mors et resurrectio" (Poèmes évangéliques), and, with Robert Blevins, 2nd organ, "Esquisse Gothique" n°3.

2014/10/31 - 20:00

Halloween Organ Concert, Angela Kraft Cross, organ

Congregational Church, San Matteo, Ca (USA)

Angela Kraft Cross plays for Halloween as the "Phantom of the Casavant" and she plays works by Vierne, Widor, ending with Jean LANGLAIS' "Fête".