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2014/04/01 - 08:00

Recital Randolph Lacey, song, with Lynne Davis, piano and organ

Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas

Randolph Lacey, song, with Lynne Davis, piano and organ, will play works by Debussy, Hahn, Duruflé, Fauré, Bachelet and, by Jean LANGLAIS, Lynne Davis will play "Prelude" from Suite Médiévale for organ solo, and accompany Randolph Lacey in Langlais "Trois Prières" for song and piano.

2014/04/05 - 07:30

Spring Concert : French Music, Escafield Chorale, Sheffield, Ian Roberts, Music Director

St Mark's Church, Broomfield, Sheffield (GB)

"Escafield Chorale" gives a concert devoted to French Chorale Music, featuring works by César Franck, Roger Ducasse, Fauré "Requiem" and Jean LANGLAIS "Missa Salve Regina".

2014/04/05 - 20:30

"Le Printemps de l'Orgue - Brittany and Poetry", 2 organs and 4 hands concert, Florence Rousseau and Loïc Georgeault, organ

Eglise Saint Antoine des Quinze-Vingts, Paris

Playing for the series "Le Printemps de l'Orgue" in Paris, Florence Rousseau and loïc Georgeault, organ, plays works by Cras, Darke, Guilmant, Ladmirault, Ropartz, SDtanford, tournemire, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, Te Deum, "Pasticcio" (Organ Book), 2nd "Esquisse Gothique" for 2 organs, and "Double Fantaisie" for 2 organists (Mosaïque 1).

2014/04/06 - 16:00

2014/04/26 - 07:30

Pax Christi Chorale, True North Brass, direction Stephanie Martin

Saint Peter's Lutheran Church, Kitchener, Ontario (Canada)

For their concert dedicated to sacred music from XXth and XXIst centuries, Pax Christi Chorale and True North Brass directed by Stephanie Martin will perform music by Fauré, Thompson, Martin and Jean LANGLAIS' "Salve Regina Mass".

2014/04/26 - 20:00

2014/04/27 - 03:00

XXth and XXIst Sacred Music concert, with "Pax Christi Chorale" and "True North Brass" under the direction of Stephanie Martin.

Grace Church on-the-Hill, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Jean LANGLAIS' "Missa Salve Regina" for choirs, organ and brasses, together with vocal sacred works by Fauré, Thompson and Martin, are performed by "Pax Christi Chorale" and "True North Brass" under Stephanie Martin's direction.