Jean Langlais

1907 - 2007


Here are the some of the main festivals, concerts, seminars, master classes, etc., organized monthly throughout 2007:
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2007/06/01 - 11:00
11h Mass
Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris (France)
During the eleven o'clock mass at Paris Notre-Dame Cathedral (France) Konzertchor Coburg and Dekanats-Chor Kronach (Germany) will sing Jean LANGLAIS' Messe d'Escalquens, under the direction of Marius POPP.
2007/06/02 - 20:30
Choeur du Lycée Richelieu de Rueil-Malmaison
Eglise Sainte-Odile, Paris (France)
Pupils and teachers of Lycée Richelieu (Rueil-Malmaison) will join in singing Jean LANGLAIS Messe Solennelle along with vocal works by Alain and Fauré, under the direction of Fabrice PINCET.
Organ : Bruno GUILOIS, titulaire of the organ of Sainte-Odile church in Paris.
2007/06/03 - 10:00
Sunday Mass, 10:00
German Evangelische Church, Paris (France)
During Sunday Mass (10:00) Marius POPP will conduct Konzertchor-Coburg and Dekanats-Chor Kronach (Germany) with Jean LANGLAIS Messe d'Escalquens
2007/06/03 - 11:00
2007/06/05 - 12:00
French Organ Composers
Zion Lutheran Church, Grand Rapids, Minn. (USA)
Holly ROSSING plays Jean LANGLAIS "Suite Médiévale" (Prelude - tiento - improvisation - méditation - acclamations carolingiennes)in a programme dedicated to french organ composers.
2007/06/08 - 21:00
2007/06/09 - 20:30
Organ Recital Isabelle FONTAINE
Soissons Cathedral (France)
To celebrate the centenary of Jean LANGLAIS birthday, the titulaire organist at the Soissons Cathedral, Isabelle FONTAINE, will play LANGLAIS Suite Medievale, in a programme with works of Bach, Franck, Fontaine and an improvisation
2007/06/12 - 13:00
Homage to Langlais by Paris-CNR students
Eglise Saint-Augustin, Paris (France)
Trumpet and organ classes of the Paris Regional Conservatory pay homage to Jean LANGLAIS some organ works (Suite Médiévale - Chant Héroïque) and trumpet and organ pieces (from 9 Pieces)
2007/06/13 - 12:00
French Organ Composers Music
Our Saviors Lutheran Church, Hibbing, Minnesota (USA)
Holly ROSSING plays Jean LANGLAIS "Suite Médiévale" (Prelude - tiento - improvisation - méditation - acclamations carolingiennes) in a special programme diedicated to french organ composers.
2007/06/23 - 20:30
Homage to Jean LANGLAIS, with trumpet and organ
Temple des Batignolles, Paris (France)
Homage to Jean LANGLAIS, with Sebastien CIMINO, trumpet, and Coralie AMEDJKANE, organ : 9 Pieces and Chorals VI and VII for trumpet and organ. For organ solo, "Thème et variations" from Hommage à Frescobaldi.
2007/06/24 - 17:00
4th International Organ Cycle, Kronach (Ger)
Hommage à LANGLAIS, Marie-Louise LANGLAIS orgue, Marius POPP, piano and conducting, unisson choir
During the 4th International Organ Cycle in Kronach (Germany), an Langlais concert will be held in honour of the centenary, with "Messe d'Escalquens", (Premiere in Germany),organ solo pieces and the Diptyque for piano and organ.
Dekanats-Chores Kronach and Konzertchores Coburg will perform with Marie-Louise Langlais, organ. Piano and direction : Marius POPP.
2007/06/26 - 20:00
2007/06/28 - 16:00
First Congregational Church, Columbus, Ohio (USA)
In honour of their master, Jean LANGLAIS, Jane PARKER-SMITH and James-David CHRISTIE will play two organs at the First Congregational Church in Columbus (Ohio)in Langlais following works : Missa Salve Regina and 3rd Esquisse Gothique.
2007/06/28 - 20:30
Jean LANGLAIS centennial
Cathedrale Saint-Samson, Dol-de-Bretagne (France)
Sylvie BECDELIEVRE, soprano,and Florence ROUSSEAU, organ, will play works for voice and organ by Jean LANGLAIS (Trois prières, Missa "in simplicitate", and Te Deum for solo organ) together with music by Jean Langlais friends : Jehan Alain, Charles Tournemire and Olivier Messiaen.
2007/06/29 - 10:00