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2020/01/04 - 20:00

The Lyon CNSMD's Organ class, organ recital by Marguerite Routchkina

CNSML, amphithéâtre Darasse, Lyon (France)

Marguerite Routchkina, organ student of François Espinasse's CNSML class, plays organ works by Bach, Frescobaldi and by Jean LANGLAIS, three exerpts from the " Hommage à Frescobaldi": "Offertoire", "Communion" and "Fantaisie"

2020/01/19 - 16:00

"Les concerts de la Maîtrise d'Antony", organ recital by Quentin Guérillot

Maîtrise Sainte-Marie, Antony (France)

Quentin Guérillot plays organ works by Franck, Hindemith, Falcinelli, Guillou, Pincemaille and Jean LANGLAIS' "Chant de Paix" (Neuf Pièces).

2020/01/26 - 15:30

Organ recital by Sylvie Mallet

Eglise Saint-Roch, Paris (France)

Sylvie Mallet pays homage to Louis Vierne and Charles Tournemire for the 150th anniversary of the birth and also to Christmas time and Epiphania, playing works by Balbastre, Bach, Vierne, Tournemire,and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Noël breton" (Huit Chants de Bretagne) and "La Nativité" (Poèmes évangéliques)

2020/01/28 - 18:00