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2019/03/03 - 11:15

High Mass, The Church Choir conducted by Mark Dwyer, Organist and Choirmaster

Church of the Advent, Boston, Mass (USA)

At High Mass, MarkDwyer, Organist and Chorimaster of the Church of the Advent, conducts Jean LANGLAIS' Messe Solennelle.

2019/03/03 - 15:00

N.P.Mander Organ Recital, Stephen Tharp, orgue

St Ignatius Loyola Church, New-York City, NY (USA)

Stephen Tharp gives an organ recital in memory of his mentor and friend Jean Guillou, with works by Widor, Tournemire, Dupré, Guillou of course, a program introduced by Jean LANGLAIS' "les Rameaux" (Poèmes Evangéliques).

2019/03/09 - 17:00

Organ recital by Dale Voelker

Church of the Atonement, Silver Springs MD (USA)

Dale Voelker plays organ works by Bach, Mendelssohn, Gigout, and Jean LANGLAIS' "Meditation" (Hommage to Rameau)

2019/03/09 - 19:30

"Friendship through Music", The Cecilia Consort, dir. Janet Coxwell

St John's Church, Newbury (GB)

The programme "Friendship through Music" features composers from European countries, as Monteverdi, Victoria, Cornish, Lobo, Part. The central work will be Jean LANGLAIS "Messe Solennelle". Janet Cowell conducts the "Cecilia Consort".

2019/03/14 - 19:30

The English Chamber Choir at Temple Church, direction Guy Protheroe (GB)

Temple Church, Londres (GB)

Vocal music composed between the two wars (1919-1939) with works by Steiberg, Messiaen, Martin, Barber, Poulenc, Thalban-Ball, Harris, Bainton, and by Jean LANGLAIS, two motets "O Salutaris hostia" and "Tantum ergo" (Five Motets).

2019/03/21 - 19:30

The Schola Cantorum of the London Oratory School, direction Charles Cole, Ben Bloor, organ

Holy Trinity, London (GB)

Jean LANGLAIS' "Messe Solennelle" will be performed on March 21, 2019, for the 70th anniversary of its composition by Jean Langlais, along with other LANGLAIS works ("Ave mundi Gloria", "Ave Maria" and "Cantilène" (Suite brève). Other composers played: Duruflé, Alain, Fauré and Messiaen, by The Schola Cantorum of the London Oratory School, under direction of Charles Cole, with Ben Bloor, organ.

2019/03/29 - 15:00

Vocal Concert, "The Benenden Chapel Choir"conducted by Edward Whiting (GB)

Cathédral Saints Michel et Gudule, Bruxelles (Belgium)

The "Benenden Chapel Choir" (GB) performs vocal works by Allegri, Howells, Mozart, Bednall, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, the "Missa in Simplicitate" (Kyrie-Gloria-Credo-Sanctus-Benedictus-Agnus Dei).

2019/03/30 - 20:30

Orchestre Symphonique "Paris Rive Droite", Vocal Ensemble Leonor, Fiat Cantus, direction Marielle Cafafa, choir dir. Thomas Tacquet

Temple des Batignolles, Paris (France)

Symphonic and Vocal Concert at the protestant Church des Batignolles in Paris (France), with works by Saint-Saëns, Franck (Les Eolides and les Variations symphoniques), Fauré (Ballade for piano and orchestra, piano Alexandre Lacombe) and Jean LANGLAIS "La Voix du Vent" (1934) for SATB choir, soprano solo and orchestra (soprano solo: Juliana Sula).

2019/03/31 - 16:00

The Benenden Chapel Choir, dir. Edward Whiting (GB)

Eglise Saint-Sulpice, Paris (France)

The "Benenden Chapel Choir" (GB) conducted by Edward Whiting sings works by Mozart, Allegri, Howells, Bednall,and, by Jean LANGLAIS, the "Missa in simplicitate" (Kyrie-Gloria-Credo-Sanctus-Agnus Dei).

2019/03/31 - 17:00

Orchestre Symphonique "Paris Rive Droite", Ensemble Leonor, FiatCantus, conductor Marielle Cafafa, chef de choeur: Thomas Tacquet

Temple des Batignolles, Paris (France)

Orchestral and Vocal concert given by "Paris Rive gauche" orchestra, Vocal Ensemble Leonor, FiatCantus, direction Marielle Cafafa, in works by Fauré (soprano Carole Cantin), Franck (Les Eolides and Variations symphoniques for piano and orchestra with Sandra Petit, piano), Fauré (La Ballade for piano and orchestra with Alexandre Lacombe, piano), and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "La Voix du Vent", composed in 1934, for orchestra, choeur SATB, soprano solo orchestra (soprano Juliana Sula).