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Giorgio Benati - Fausto Caporali, organ, Brilliant Classics 96877, 2023.

The Dutch recording firm Brilliant Classics publishes Volume 1 (5 CD) of a new set of the complete organ works by Jean Langlais, with italian organists Giorgio Benati and Fausto Caporali, BRILLIANT CLASSICS 96877, 2023.

Particularly remarkable is the set "Talitha Koum", composed just one year after the composer suffered of a deep stroke in 1984. After that he could not anymore read or write but he could compose and read music in Braille, which seemed completely impossible for the medical world.The only hypotheses at this time was that music had invade the two parts of his brain. Giorgio Benati played "Talitha Koum" marvelously on a very poetic organ by Pietro Sandri in Alte Ceccato (VI).

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